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Why I Can't be a Democrat

By Marvin PIRILA


My parents were Democrats, their parents were Democrats, most Minnesotan’s are Democrats, and dang it I would be one too.  I grew up thinking the Republicans were evil rich guys and the Democrats really understood the common working man.  The Kool-Aid was strong and I was provided an endless supply.


As I matured into adulthood, the beliefs and values I possessed conflicted more and more with those of the Democratic Party.  They believe in large government, gun control, climate change, endless freebies, higher taxes, sitting out foreign issues, and abortion.


Large government leads to enormous costs upon taxpayers who are forced to financially support ideologies (global warming) they don’t believe in and people that refuse to work.  The idea of free college and new low interest loans for existing college debts is anything but free or wise.  A country that doesn’t engage its citizens by making them pay for services they receive, especially when they can, breeds socialism out of government dependence.


The endless onslaught on gun rights has gone as far as Democrats voting to surrender some of our rights to the United Nations (Small Arms Treaty).  Even worse, the attempt to place our gun rights under the control of the U.N. was a blatant attempt to undermine our true rights under the U.S. Constitution.  Our Founding Fathers had firsthand experience with a tyrannical government and understood the importance of giving citizens the right to defend themselves.  A defenseless citizenship subjects itself to the oppressiveness of a corrupt government.  Guns are also used for self-defense against criminals, hunting, and hobby purposes.


Despite the objections of thousands of scientists, renowned physicists, and leading experts Democrats decry global warming as the biggest threat to the security of the U.S.  There was no mention of terrorism in their debate, runaway spending and deficits, and moral decay (including abortion).  The U.S. is imploding while external risks (ISIS, Al Qaeda, Russia, China, North Korea, and Iran) grow by the day.  Global warming poses a dangerous threat only in that it is the means by which the Democrats can unite the world in the largest transfer of wealth ever conceived.  Global warming is the excuse for carbon reductions in industrialized countries, while allowing third world countries to emit higher levels.  The costs would be borne by industrialized countries and not by the other countries.  The corrupt, ineffective United Nations would oversee the agreement, all premised on faulty science being sold by the mainstream media and self-serving politicians.


The biggest reason I could never be a Democrat is that they support abortions that have resulted in the murder of 57+ million unborn babies in the U.S.  How can you be a true Christian and support the genocide and butchering of unborn babies?  And yes, I believe if you vote for a candidate that you know supports abortion, you are failing your obligation as a Christian.  There is nothing greater than life and only God has the right to determine when life starts and ends.


The thought that Christians can also support abortion has perplexed me for years and the reasons some have given me has done nothing to help me reconcile the conflict.  I have heard that the earth would be overpopulated, many would grow up in foster homes (presumably unhappy), that it’s a woman’s choice, and that there are other reasons to vote for a candidate, even if they support abortion.  Unless you’re an atheist that doesn’t believe in God, supporting abortion for any reason, violates Christian beliefs.  Why would you accept a candidate that supports abortion that you disagree with just because he or she supports “free college?”


The world was intelligently designed and God knew how many people there would be.  Each person, including unborn babies, have unique DNA codes.  Isn’t that indicative of intelligent design?  Each person is uniquely coded for a reason.  No other person will ever be like him or her.


Many children find love, family, and good lives in foster homes.  How can anyone argue what may or may not happen after a child’s birth?  For that matter, no one but God rightfully decides who lives.


The plea of ignorance while knowingly supporting abortion is a tragic departure from the teachings of the Bible.  If unborn babies are disposable, one should wonder when the same goes for the disabled, retired, and lazy.  Whereas the unborn can be seen as potential workers and contributors to society, it can be argued that the others have served their purpose.


We are already witnessing this country turn its’ back on its own, Christians worldwide, and their role as peacekeepers.  We have prisoners being held in Iran, four murdered in Benghazi, Christians being murdered throughout the Middle East and marginalized in the U.S., and a mass exodus of people from Syria.  We have seen Russia advance into Ukraine, Iran violate U.N. sanctions, ISIS march on Iraq and Syria, Syria barrel bomb its own people and use chemical weapons, terrorist acts in the U.S. that are called workplace violence, etc.   President Obama has given the reigns of leadership to the United Nations and Russian President Vladimir Putin.  Our allies don’t trust us and our enemies are emboldened.  The world has descended into a very dangerous place and the U.S. has been diminished in power and influence considerably.  It seems the United States has done little to nothing right in the last seven years under President Obama.


The lack of transparency now witnessed is unprecedented in the U.S. and is reminiscent of a communist country.  A citizenship uninterested in the specific dealings of its government has already surrendered to socialism and communism.  Whether you follow politics or not, politicians are deciding your future.


I find it insulting that the Democrats would consider Hillary Clinton for President.  As the Secretary of State she knowingly violated email rules, jeopardized national security, and then engaged in various acts of concealment (obstruction of justice, destruction of public records, lies, deceit, etc.).  Hillary has shown that she believes the rules that apply to others don’t apply to her.  She represents the worst of America and everyone supporting her has failed to comprehend the gravity of her actions.  Being a Democrat shouldn’t be enough.


The U.S. took a turn that it seems reluctant to turn back from and it will continue to deteriorate as it stays its current course.  I have no common ground with the Democrats of today and cannot support them.  It doesn’t mean I’m a Republican, but at least they believe in life, gun rights, small government, lower taxes, a reasonable foreign policy, leadership, and the Constitution.