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The Real Reason Democrats Have Lost their Minds



Marvin Pirila


The Senate Judicial proceeding for Supreme Court nominee Brett Cavanaugh showed just one of the many problems with the Democratic Party.  Democrats showed that their thirst for power didn’t spare anyone from unsubstantiated claims and accusations. When Cavanaugh finally got to defend himself, he did. Then they claimed his temperament should keep him from the bench.  This farce showed their disregard for due process and the constitutional rights of everyone.  Of course, most Democrats believe the constitution is outdated, but only when it serves their voter base.  It’s the constitution that is saving us from loonies like them.


It is bewildering how a party hell-bent on the support for the abortion of unborn babies, around 53 million so far, believes it holds any moral ground to judge Cavanaugh’s character.  The Blaisy-Ford debacle should never have seen the light of day, as any investigation would have proved.  She couldn’t recall the time, place, or persons that were present of the alleged assault.  She didn’t want it out in the public, so the Democrats leaked it for political purposes.  Ms. Ford seemed to be authentic, but it highly disingenuous to try to ruin a man and his family when there is a lack of any supporting evidence. 


Now, the Democrats have resorted to calls for civil unrest.  The media, being in the pocket of the Democrats, depict this unrest as larger than it is.  This civil disobedience is meaningless in substance or purpose (like kneeling for the anthem) and will be rejected by most voters.    The masses will surely have their opinions measured next month after they cast their silent vote.  Calls for people to harass and yell over individuals with opposing views has grown tiresome and childish.   These protests and confrontations are the result of calls from politicians who can’t get their way by other means.  If there was a message it would be lost in the confrontations and yelling.


With the likes of Nancy Pelosi, Corey Booker, Maxine Waters, and Keith Ellison, this party has lost all touch with its base.  They lack any message other than to oppose Trump and the Republicans.  We know what their party is about (abortion, big government, no borders, sanctuary cities) but mostly POWER.  You would think the eight years of Obama would’ve shown that none of this works for a better and stronger country.  The economy was a bust, sanctuary cities protected violent criminals, money was printed like crazy, the military was handicapped, the border was porous, and in foreign affairs we were a joke (leading from behind is not leading).  Who can forget the true scandals (Benghazi, Fast and Furious, IRS targeting the Tea Party and other conservatives, FBI meddling in politics, Hillary’s emails, etc.).  Real heroes were killed in the process, but they don’t want to talk about it. Then again, if you can support the huge number of abortions they so viciously defend, what’s a few more lives.


As for President Trump, the voters knew what they were getting before voting him in and see the calls for impeachment, like Cavanaugh’s, a desperate grab for power.  The inability of either party to get things done and the resulting voter disdain for politicians is what ushered Trump into office.  Voter’s wanted to see what a true outsider could accomplish and were not disappointed (low unemployment, booming stock market, strong military, leadership in foreign affairs, and new trade agreements).  Finally, what a candidate promised is being delivered.  It’s foolish to think that voters want to give this up for what they had lost hope in – phony politicians pandering to votes and doing nothing more than continually run for office based on empty promises. 


For the first time in nearly 50 years, conservatives now have the majority on the Supreme Court and the left are worried about their right to abortion.  The Cavanaugh proceedings and opposition to Trump has everything to do with that and nothing more.  They want to keep their right to abortion and see each appointment of a conservative as a legitimate threat.  Democrats used to have an agenda that many found appealing but have since morphed into one of hypocrisy, civil unrest, branding of words as racist, and socialism.  Their cries for the rights of illegals is not missed on the right who desire a wall, border security, and legal immigration/work permits.  At the same time, the right doesn’t miss that the ones crying for illegals think nothing about the continued genocide of the unborn.  There is no moral high ground when so many bodies have been so taken from the womb and disposed of like trash. Moral high ground starts with right of each person’s right to life, including that living in the womb.


For comparative purposes, the number of military killed in the U.S. since it’s founding is 1,309,000 (more than half from the civil war).  Since Roe v. Wade was decided in 1973, 53,000,000 babies have been aborted or about 1,177,778 per year.  If you value life, hate war, and/or against murder where are you for these unspoken lives?