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The Fall of America

The Fall of America

by Marvin Pirila


Obama hails social justice as the cure to America's ills. Performing much as he did as community organizer for ACORN, Obama encourages class and racial warfare. He stands behind Occupy Wall Street (OWS), a group devoted to mayhem and free handouts, while suggesting the mission of the Tea Party is amiss. The Tea Party simply wants the principles of the U.S. Constitution restored. The only thing wrong with the Tea Party, in Obama's eyes, is that its ideology is not his own.


Obama's ideology is about a centralized government, whereas the constitution rightfully puts the power in the hands of the individual. Obama believes in the government’s right to determine fairness and equality, rather than leaving this decision in the hands of individuals and their representatives. For more than 200 years the U.S. was a great country leading the world in its economy, GDP, innovation, freedom, and the "American Dream". Other countries admired our system, some despised it as a threat to their own, and others studied it. We had the most freedom of any individuals on the planet and our American Dream was ours to pursue through hard work, perseverance, education, time, creativity, and innovation. A free man is powerful while a man that has always been a slave is weak, never knowing his own abilities. Obama would have us as servants to his self-appointed realm.


Obama believes that an individual’s happiness is secondary to the general welfare of the government. He believes that individual pride (free will and personal fulfillment) should be suppressed for the good of society. These failed ideas of Utopia were argued by centuries ago in: Plato's Republic; Thomas More's Utopia; Thomas Hobbes's Leviathan; and Karl Marx's Communist Manifesto.


A true democracy does not centralize decisions in the government, but in the individual as provided by God. The brilliant John Locke wrote at length about these God-given inalienable rights in The Second Treatise of Government. Locke gives great insight into the dangers of centralized government, especially in regards to the loss of individual liberties and freedoms.


President Obama believes that everyone should receive the same as everyone else. He doesn't believe or endorse hard work, innovation, risk, or education as the means of getting ahead. He would rather you took the government handouts (redistribution of wealth, welfare, food stamps, subsidies, etc.) and remained dependent. He of course, the self-appointed King, and his chosen few, will not have their income re-distributed, live like the masses, or be anything else but the hailed chief.


Obama marches droves of people into unemployment, welfare, and ultimately dependency.  He merely manipulates inflation numbers, unemployment figures, and job growth numbers. He is dependent on these dependent people, who seem more than happy to defend him, not realizing his ideology, if matured, would strip them of every freedom they still hold.


The government, under Obama, via TARP, has taken several positions in the private sector where it does not belong. This includes banks and car manufacturing. TARP was used to buy influence, power, and votes.


The free market would have solved the ills of the car industry and banking as it always has -- bankruptcy and reorganization. Shareholders hold the ability to control CEO’s and does not need the government to intervene. The government saw an opportunity and took it to move their ideology forward.


The endless call to raise taxes and increase government spending is exactly how this administration amasses power.  The president forgets he answers to the voters and his self-proclaimed “gift of speech” is not going to give him a free pass forever.  Now that his second term is plagued with scandals, including voter suppression and data mining, it’s time for voters of all sides to call for his immediate impeachment.  Just the one incident of his blatant lying about the Muslim video stirring the killing of the diplomat and three others in Benghazi is enough.  This lie was far worse than Bill Clinton’s famous, “I did not have sex with that woman.”  Come on America, don’t let your foolish pride let you think Obama can, will, or even wants to serve the American mission.